All About Black Country Territorials:

This site contains information relating to the 6th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment during the First World War.

As I grew up I became aware that a Great Uncle had died during the First World War, but did not know a great deal more. Many years later I was given a copy of a commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) database search for Great Uncle John James (Jack) Norton, which identified a date of death and gravesite. A few years later I visited this for the first time to pay respects, I was possibly the first family visitor since the visit of his mother in the 1920s.


This inspired me to find out more about Jack Norton, and led to me tracing my family tree, an ongoing project. In addition to the bare Born, Married, Children , Died part of tracing my family tree I have also tried to get as much background information on relatives lives. I have since found out that two of Jack’s brothers also served in the First World War, one surviving until 1931, where he died early (aged 41) due to gas injuries, and the third lived a full life. The two eldest brothers joined the 6th Battalion just after the start of the war.

This site contains a database for all of the men I have found so far, which should be most of the casualties and a few of the survivors. Where there is more information on a man there is a link to a page containing this. There are pages for information and photographs on the 6th Battalion and links to sources I have found very useful.

I invite anyone to contribute to this site. From the database there is a link to post information on individual soldiers. If you want to make suggestions for site improvements, would like to add a link to another site, or request a copy of the full database in csv format please email using the link provided. I am also happy to publish, or republish, any articles or photographs people wish to contribute.

If there are any images or articles on this site that infringe copyright please let me know and I will remove the item.

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